Coconut shells + cutlery set | Biodegradable dishes | CellJoy (2023)

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With our coconut shell bowl and cutlery set, you'll get a full range of coconut shell designs, including matching spoons and forks. Share your healthy cooked meals with your friends and serve them in these beautiful tropical coconut bowls.

Can't decide which bowl is prettier? Then don't and take them all.

Shop Coconut Shell Bowl + Cutlery Set | biodegradable dishes

Our collection package includes:
4 coconut shells (Original, Palm, Buddha, Poke)
4 tablespoons of coconut
4 coconut forks

Coconut trees are an important part of the daily life of all Indonesians. The locals call it the "Tree of Life" because every part of the tree serves to maintain its life. Leaves, fruit (coconut) and wood. Include a small part of Indonesian culture in your everyday life.

*Please note that each item is handcrafted by artisans using natural resources. This makes each piece unique and small irregularities may occur.

• Bowl material: coconut shell
• Size: Ø 13-14 x H. 7-8 cm, 300 ml
• Cutlery material: coconut wood. • Size: L. 18 cm
• Handmade in Indonesia

Care instructions:
• Hand wash only
• Store outside in dry places.
• Do not soak
• After 10-20 uses, polish the coconut shell and dishes with 100% coconut or olive oil to keep them beautiful and fresh.

Do not put the coconut shell in the freezer or microwave as it may crack at extremely high or low temperatures.


Coconut shells + cutlery set | Biodegradable dishes | CellJoy (15)Coconut shells + cutlery set | Biodegradable dishes | CellJoy (16)

Rozi is 23 years old and quite an intelligent young man.
His town is very close to the boats that usually take all tourists from Lombok to the famous Gili Trawangan, Gili Air and Gili Meno. They usually lived indirectly from tourism, supplying the islands with food and supplies. After the earthquake in August 2018, they found themselves in a situation similar to the one they are in now. No income. Rosa cares a lot about her people. He started his coconut business to create jobs for his community. Rozi works with nine other people in her family. Always try to include as many people as possible. Women mainly focus on making coconut oil and men on carving coconut shells.

When Rozi isn't shaping spoons and polishing coconuts, she likes to play the guitar and go fishing. In the future, he would like to become a village chief and dreams of getting enough orders for his entire village to work in the coconut business.

When we visited Rozi and her lovely community, we were warmly welcomed with smiles, coffee and delicious desserts (coconut of course). We want to help Roza realize her dreams and develop her business.

We decided to stay in Lombak, Indonesia.


We are all long-time friends, but this is the first time we are traveling together. We love the outdoors, surfing and tempeh food, so getting "stuck" in Lombok, Indonesia seemed like a pretty good deal. On the other hand, we did not know what consequences this pandemic could have.

We decided to stay!
Everything changed very quickly. A week after we made the decision, almost all the tourists fled to their countries and no one came to Lombok anymore. Although we were fortunately safe, we saw that many shops, restaurants and small businesses were immediately closed due to the lack of tourism.

A financial disaster for all the locals around us. Seeing all of this was heartbreaking and made us wonder how we can help this wonderful community.
One day after surfing, this local was selling some handmade products on the beach:

Beautiful pareo towels, cute shell bracelets and rattan accessories. Every piece was different. He told us that he hadn't sold anything all day."Without tourists there is no business"She said.

Then it became clear to us!

We have to help them by selling their beautiful products! This is our way of helping.

Handmade by craftsmen in Lombak.

Products without waste

a small Portuguese company

Delivery within 3 working days

Shipping from Portugal

packed without plastic

What customers say about SASAK MARKET

Overall my experience was excellent! I love the history of the product, thank you for your help and kindness, and the items are so beautiful! ❤ I will definitely be a customer!

karolina g.


I gave this to a friend and couldn't resist buying one for myself - great travel bag with just the right color for our coffee table. Thank you Neepa Hut! Share' Share Review Yvonne L. January 17, 2022 Was this review helpful? 00

Yvonne L.


A great focal point on the table and folds up for storage. A great find and fun to use. Great website to buy these products. Thanks a lot!




Lombok, Indonesia

Shipping from Portugal

packaging without plastic

ecological packaging

Coconut shells + cutlery set | Biodegradable dishes | CellJoy (17)

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