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Each box of daysoft daily lenses contains 32 disposable lenses in our exclusive packaging. It is the fastest and easiest package to open of any brand of contact lenses. You can find clear instructions inside the box or watch the video for step by step instructions.

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How do I get contacts in Spain? ›

Wearing Glasses and Contact Lenses in Spain

If you don't need a new prescription or an updated eye test though, you can just take your current prescription to a Spanish optician, and use this to buy new glasses or order new contact lenses.

What is the new contact lens rule? ›

In 2020, the FTC amended the Rule, which you can find here. The Contact Lens Rule requires prescribers to give patients a copy of their contact lens prescriptions at the end of a contact lens fitting, even if the patient doesn't ask for it.

What do I do with my contact lenses on holiday? ›

Tips for travelling with contact lenses
  • Preparation is key. If you're organised in advance, travelling with your contact lenses can be a breeze. ...
  • Switch to daily contact lenses. ...
  • Use a contact lens travel pack. ...
  • Pack eye drops. ...
  • Opt for lenses with UV protection.

What are the rules of wearing contact lenses? ›

8 Precautions for Contact Lens Wearers
  • Never sleep in your contacts. ...
  • Don't swim or shower in your lenses. ...
  • Don't clean your contacts with saline. ...
  • Replace your contact lens case regularly. ...
  • Don't recycle your contact lens solution. ...
  • Remove your lenses when they bother you. ...
  • Don't lick your lenses. ...
  • Discard dailies after a day.
Jan 31, 2018

Can you buy contact lenses abroad? ›

Most countries only allow you to buy contact lenses with a prescription. While eye tests are available abroad, this can be expensive and more importantly, time-consuming. You can take a picture of your contact lens prescription on your smartphone to ensure that you always have a copy with you.

Can you buy contacts without going to the doctor? ›

You can buy contact lenses, including decorative contact lenses, from an eye care doctor, on the Internet or from a mail-order company. It's very important that you only buy contact lenses from a company that sells FDA-cleared or approved contact lenses and requires you to provide a prescription.

Do I need to declare contact lenses? ›

3–Carry on as much solution as you want, just declare it

Contact solution falls under the TSA's definition of medical liquids, which means you can bring on more than the 3 oz. maximum allowance for most other liquids. You don't have to put your solutions in a baggie, just declare them at the checkpoint.

Do contact lenses count as liquid in hand luggage? ›

Can you pack disposable contact lenses in hand luggage? You're allowed to fly with sealed disposable contact lens blister packs in both your hand luggage and checked bags. You can also pack non-disposable lenses in a small amount of solution (usually no more than 100ml) in a contact lens case within your hand luggage.

Is it OK to fly with contact lenses? ›

TSA allows contact lenses in both carry-on and checked bags, but contact lens solution is another story. A container of contact lens solution in your carry-on bag must contain 3.4 ounces of liquid or less, and all of your carry-on liquids must fit into a clear quart-size plastic bag.

How long can contacts sit in solution? ›

Some solutions are only good for 24 hours of storage while others can store lenses for up to one month. Some soft contact lens multipurpose solutions allow for long-term storage of up to one month in a tightly closed contact lens case. For GP lenses, some GP lens solutions also allow for one month of long-term storage.

At what age should you stop wearing contact lenses? ›

There's no age limit: You can wear contact lenses as long as they're working for you.” While that's surely good news for both long-time and would-be lens wearers, there are a few other myths we'd like to dispel.

Are you allowed to shower with contacts in? ›

Eye Care Tips for Contact Lens Wearers

Avoid water while wearing contacts. Keep your contacts away from water. Make sure to remove your contacts before showering, bathing, or swimming. Don't rinse or store your contacts in water, and if it does occur, make sure to throw away or disinfect them thoroughly.

What is thumb rule in contact lens? ›

A simple rule of thumb exists. For every 0.05mm that the BOZR is steeper than K, the tear lens power increases by +0.25D. Therefore you must counter this by adding -0.25D to the power of the contact lens.

Do and don'ts of contact lenses? ›

Always wash and rinse your hands thoroughly before handling your lenses or touching your eye. Use a mild non-cosmetic (oil and fragrance free) soap, and dry your hands with a lint-free cloth or tissues. Clean your lenses after removal as indicated by your eyecare practitioner. Use only the recommended solutions.

Can you order contacts with expired prescription? ›

Don't try to buy contact lenses online with an expired prescription, it's illegal to sell anyone contact lenses without a valid prescription. So, check your contact lens prescription right now. If they're close to or past the expiration date, contact your eye doctor and schedule an eye exam.

Can you buy contact lenses over the counter in Spain? ›

A prescription from a doctor isn't required to buy contact lenses and glasses — you can buy them without one.

Can I buy contact lenses in Europe? ›

Yes, a contact lens wearer in Europe can try different brands and even different powers. But, most people do visit a professional periodically to be sure they are wearing the correct product. And, eye exams are far less expensive in Europe than in the U.S.

Where do you pack contact lenses when flying? ›

Keep essentials in your hand luggage, to avoid them getting lost in transit. This includes spare contact lenses, your glasses, contact lens case and travel-size solution, as well as rewetting drops. Make sure to put your solution in a zip-lock bag in case of leakage.

What is the average cost of contact lenses without insurance? ›

What You Can Expect to Pay. Disposable contact lenses cost approximately $200 to $1,000 per year or $15 to $85 per month for regular wearers, if you're buying for both eyes. This range is so broad because it encompasses different types of contact lenses for different kinds of vision correction.

What happens if you don't wear your monthly contacts every day? ›

Corneal complications and eye infections can occur if you don't replace your contacts as recommended.

What's better daily or monthly contacts? ›

Monthly lenses are more cost-effective than dailies if you wear contacts every day. It's also ideal for people who switch between glasses and contacts multiple times a day. You can clean and place them back again when needed, unlike with disposable lenses that must be discarded after use.

Does mascara count as a liquid? ›

So is mascara considered a liquid? Yes, when it comes to makeup, the following items are considered liquid cosmetics: mascara. nail polish.

Do contacts count as liquids? ›

Your lenses do not count as a liquid according the TSA, but any contact lens solution does. If you're trying to reduce the amount of liquids you have in your carryon, then switching to dailies is a good option.

Does toothpaste count as a liquid? ›

Common travel items that must comply with the 3-1-1 liquids rule include toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, mouthwash and lotion.

Can I put my contacts in a Ziploc bag? ›

You can use Ziploc bags or a cup to put your lenses in for a few hours. TAKE NOTE: This storage solution requires you to have saline, cleaning solution, or even your re-wetting eye drops in with the lenses. Otherwise, they will dry out.

Can I take daily contact lenses out and put them back in? ›

Don't Reuse Your Contacts

Daily disposable contacts are designed to be thrown away after every single use, and people who reuse them risk painful and risky outcomes. Dailies are thinner, more fragile, and don't hold moisture as well as other contacts.

What size contact lens solution can I take on a plane? ›

These are limited to travel-sized containers that are 3.4 ounces (100 milliliters) or less per item." There is a loophole for contact lens solution though as it is considered a medically necessary liquid. You must declare them to security officers at the checkpoint for inspection.

What is the 3 1 1 flight rule? ›

You are allowed to bring a quart-sized bag of liquids, aerosols, gels, creams and pastes through the checkpoint. These are limited to 3.4 ounces (100 milliliters) or less per item. This is also known as the 3-1-1 liquids rule. TSA'S TOP 10 CATCHES 2022.

Is it better to wear contacts or glasses on a plane? ›

Keep them in your carry-on in case you'd prefer to wear them instead of contact lenses. The recycled air on a plane can dry out your contact lenses, so eyeglasses are preferable if you're going to try to get some sleep.

Can I sleep on a plane with contacts in? ›

If you plan on sleeping on the plane you definitely need to take your contacts out. Sleeping while wearing contacts is one of the worst things you can do. Your eyes are already dry from the plane, and now sleeping restricts the oxygen getting to them. This can cause microscopic tears in your cornea.

Can you rehydrate a dried out contact lens? ›

To rehydrate your contact lenses, soak them in a contact case filled with fresh solution for at least 24 hours. Ideally, this should revitalize a lens that has been left out and dried up. Carefully reinsert the lens into your eye.

What happens if my contact lens dried out? ›

Contact lenses can contain up to 80% of water, so if they become exposed to air, they will dehydrate, and their properties will change. They will no longer be supple; they will lose their elasticity, they will warp, become sticky or cloudy and cloud your vision.

Can I put a drop of contact solution in my eye? ›

Under no circumstances should you ever use contact solution as eye drops. (Even if you're out of eye drops, please purchase more instead of using a substitute!) Although contact solution does contain saline, which is safe for the eyes, it also contains other components that aren't.

Is 70 too old for contact lenses? ›

Contact lenses are one of many options for correcting vision, but are they a good solution for older adults? They can be. With guidance from an eye doctor, many adults over 60 successfully wear contacts. They're a convenient way to correct your vision.

Why do I see better with glasses than contacts? ›

When you wear contact lenses there is no minimizing or maximizing the images you see. When you wear glasses, image size is being introduced into the equation. Think about it like using a magnifying glass.

Can you wear contact lenses over 60? ›

No. Generally, the only age restriction is whether you're old enough. Contact lens wear depends upon how healthy your eyes are and your prescription. If you're interested in trying contact lenses, your optician will be able to provide you with lenses best suited to your age or prescription.

Can I wear daily contact lenses for 2 days? ›

Daily contact lenses that are disposable and single-use only should not be worn more than once after daily usage. Daily contacts that are old can scratch your eye and also cause more dangerous conditions to develop.

What happens if you wear contacts for too long? ›

Leaving contacts in your eyes for too long can have side effects, such as eye pain, blurred vision, red eyes, watery eyes, ulcers, sensitivity to light, and irritation. It's also possible that you could get a painful eye infection from the lens material breaking down.

Can you go in the rain with contacts? ›

Contact lenses are a popular option because they will not become smeared with water droplets in the rain or fog up in cold weather. In rain and snow, your eyes will react in much the same way during contact lens wear as they do when you're not wearing lenses.

Do I need a prescription to buy contact lenses in Spain? ›

A prescription from a doctor isn't required to buy contact lenses and glasses — you can buy them without one.

Can I get a contract phone in Spain? ›

If you are resident in Spain and have an NIE (Foreign Residency Identification Number) then you can buy a phone with a contract (contrato), which offers cheaper call rates, equalling an average saving of 30%, compared to pre-paid.

How do I get cellular data in Spain? ›

You can buy a Spanish prepaid SIM card online, at various major Spanish mobile phone operator locations, at kiosks as well as in the airport. However, the easiest option is to visit any shop here in Spain known as a “locutorio” (Internet shops). They are literally everywhere and they will do it all for you.

Can I use my phone as normal in Spain? ›

How can you get online during your trip? If your mobile phone account was contracted in the European Union, in Spain you will be able to connect to the Internet under the same conditions and at your normal rate. You may need to activate the roaming service through your operator.

Can I walk into a store and buy contact lenses? ›

You cannot order contacts without a prescription, at least in the United States. You will need to have a prescription written by a licensed optometrist or ophthalmologist to buy contact lenses. The seller will also verify your prescription to make sure it's valid.

Can I use a prescription from another country in Spain? ›

A prescription delivered by a doctor in your country is valid in all EU countries.

How can I avoid roaming charges in Spain? ›

Tips on avoiding roaming charges
  1. What are roaming charges?
  2. Check your network's roaming rules before you leave.
  3. Check your destination abides by EU roaming rules.
  4. Download media and files at home.
  5. Don't opt out of data roaming spend caps.
  6. Look into local SIMs.
  7. Take particular care on cruises.
  8. Keep an eye out for free Wi-Fi.
May 17, 2022

What is the best SIM card to use in Spain? ›

Traveltomtom recommends a Movistar prepaid sim card for Spain. They have the best 4G/5G network in Spain and offer already 121 GB data for just €10. Traveltomtom also recommends some global sim cards for travelers with worldwide coverage.

Is WhatsApp still free in Spain? ›

Luckily, as long as you're connected to Wi-Fi, WhatsApp chats will always be free. Also, while you can be charged a fee per text message using your standard cellular service abroad, or be held to a limited amount of texts, your WhatsApp messages operate over your data plan.

Can I use my phone in Spain for free? ›

Spain is a Go Roam in Europe destination which means you can use your data here at no extra cost. If you have an Add-on with a data allowance of 12GB or greater, a fair use limit applies, with use over 12GB subject to a surcharge (see below).

How can I use my iPhone in Europe without charges? ›

Go to: Settings > Cellular > Data Roaming. Turn off. (To make it easy, the iPhone even says “Turn data roaming off when traveling to avoid charges when web browsing and using email and other data services.”)

Can I buy a pay as you go SIM card in Spain? ›

Lycamobile SIM cards can be found everywhere in Spain at small point of sales known as “locutorios”. These shops are very convenient however be aware that they might charge you a service fee for setting up the SIM card in your phone in addition to the pay as you go deal that you will choose.

What you Cannot bring to Spain? ›

You cannot take meat, milk or products containing them into EU countries. There are some exceptions for medical reasons, for example certain amounts of powdered infant milk, infant food, or pet food required for medical reasons. Check the rules about taking food and drink into the EU on the European Commission website.

What Cannot bring to Spain? ›

Spain Prohibited and Restricted Items
  • All forms of asbestos fibers.
  • All products containing the biocide dimethylfumarate (DMF)
  • Animal skins.
  • Atlantic red tuna fish (Thunnus Thynnus) originating from Belize, Panama, and Honduras.
  • Biological Substance Cat B, UN3373.
  • Certain U.S. Beef hormones.
  • Chemicals, Haz and Non-Haz.

Should I turn off data roaming in Spain? ›

Play it safe and turn roaming off

Most of the major networks (with the exception of O2) have reintroduced roaming charges for travel within Europe, so the easiest way to avoid charges while abroad is simply to turn roaming off.


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