Freshly squeezed samples | Dave Parkinson Future Trance Essentials Standard Edition (2023)

Take your production game to the next level and buyDave Parkinson Future Trance Essentials Deluxe Editionand get access to Apple Logic Pro X project files for the bundled bass, synth, and compilation kits! Contains over 900 additional presets.

Heavy trance producer Dave Parkinson is back with a great follow up to his legendary sample pack Trance Essentials.

Dave Parkinson Future Trance Essentials includes over 19GB of uncompressed, premium trance production content including drum beats, drum loops, synth loops, bass loops, special effects, presets and much more from our most sought after producers/engineers in dance music. Scene. Content includes a mix of future prog (80's deep and 'Prydz'-inspired prog), Team 140 style, tech-trance, psy-trance and deep/progressive, but is equally applicable to genres such as synthwave and techno. Wide range of BPMs covered.

With this sample pack, we really wanted to build on the solid foundation of the first pack, but take it a step further. This time, each bass loop has a corresponding synth loop, and each "item" is carefully written and labeled with BPM for easy use. Additionally, drum loops are now further broken down, with dedicated hi-hat, percussion, shaker, and techno percussion loops, allowing for more complete mixing and matching than was previously possible.

LUXURY ONLY:And for the first time, you also get the full Apple Logic Pro X project files (including presets, MIDI files, channel strips, and more) for all synths, basses, and kits as a project with the purchase of the Deluxe Edition. Individually. Each project file is precisely named, color-coded, grouped and easy to understand to make it the ultimate starting point for creating your own productions. There are 78 complete project files from one of the scene's most renowned producers. We've also carefully extracted all the presets from each project file, giving you over 900 additional presets on top of the 255 for Dave's favorite synths (ES2, Spire, Sylenth1, etc.).

In fact, we like to think of this sample library as three individually created products, perfectly combined to provide a truly innovative, hybrid and up-to-date library of sounds and inspiration for your studio sessions.

For those unfamiliar with Dave's work, over the past 25 years he has worked and collaborated with many of the biggest names in the industry including Simon Patterson, John Askew, Jordan Suckley, Paul Oakenfold, Mark Knight, Eddie Bitar, Tall Paul and many more. Their discography spans all dance music and spans pretty much every genre imaginable, from house to trance to more traditional indie bands. His knowledge of technique, production and squeezing his mixes is second to none, having been behind some of the most prolific dancefloors and playing rock clubs for the last twenty years.

Contents of the Sample Pack (Part 1)

First of all, we have a full and complete sample pack with thousands of drum one-shots (kicks, open hats, closed hats, snares, cymbals, percussion, etc.), hundreds of drums, percussion/top loops, a very comprehensive one FX section (all neatly categorized, named and tagged), real "useful" bass lines and melodic loops (each with associated MIDI files and in most cases patches), hundreds of unique synthesizer takes, bass and trace, synthesizer presets and more .

Each sample is uniquely named and numbered, with each filename accompanied by the appropriate BPM and key tagging information. Plus, all files are neatly categorized in a thoughtful folder structure in classic Freshly Squeezed Samples style, making it quick and easy to find the sound you're looking for during those late-night studio sessions.

Here's a detailed breakdown of what's included in the sample pack.

a few drumbeats

(Video) Dave Parkinson Future Trance Essentials (Demo 1)

All one-shot drum samples are designed with impeccable quality and are diverse enough to be used across a wide variety of electronic music genres.

  • 200x Palmas
  • 50x future palms
  • 100 crash basins
  • 200x Closed Hats
  • 50x Fute Hats
  • 200x open hats
  • 50x Future Kicks
  • 100x slide psi
  • 50x slide sub
  • 100x technical kicks
  • 100 Trance-Kicks
  • 50x drum kits of the future
  • Drums 200x
  • 50x reversal plates
  • 100x tours
  • 100x Rührer
  • 50x future tones
  • 200x Toms

Drum- und Percussion-Loops

The drum and percussion loop section is extremely extensive, with individual loops divided evenly into 125, 126, 127, 128, 129, 130, 131, 132, 133, 134, 135, 136, 137, 138, 139 and 140 tracks are divided. BPM tempo making them suitable for all sub-genres of trance, progressive and techno. Each folder contains completely unique loops for that specific BPM. All loops are available in full, stripped and percussion variants with individual hat (exclusive), shaker and techno loops offering much greater creative freedom and easy mixing and matching in your productions.

  • 160x battery charge
  • 400 drum loops (including kick)
  • 400x stripped loops (stripped variant)
  • 400x Percussion-Loops
  • 400 Hat Ties.
  • 400 stirrer loops
  • 160X Decken-Percussion-Loops
  • 210x rest strokes
  • 160x Techno Loops (inkl. Kick)

special effects

Dave is known for his innovative and creative approach to effects, and the effects section is arguably a sample library in its own right. All effects are organized into easy-to-navigate sub-folders to quickly find the transition or scene you need to bring your track to life.

  • 100x atmospheres
  • 100x descending lifts
  • 100x FuturoFX
  • 320x FX shots (equally divided into time steps from 125 to 140 BPM)
  • 100x psychic effects
  • 100x elevators
  • 100x white noise effects
  • 100x impact
  • 50x underruns
  • 160x Snare Build FX (spread evenly across tempo ranges from 125 to 140 BPM)

low shots

Do you want more bass rolloff at the peak? Use bass beats in your sampler for tighter envelope control and more punch in your mix. All one-shots are perfectly finished and ready to use. All unique samples also have the key in the file name.

Bass Hits are divided into A, B, B, C, C#, D, E, Eb, F, F#, G, G# (all sorted and typed into folders).

  • 40 flat shots
  • 120x Bassaufnahmen
  • 140x recordings of psychic bass
  • 240x subwoofer socket


State-of-the-art future technology and progressive synths, drones and acid hits, all ready to use to give your productions a unique character.

  • 100x LSD
  • 50x future tricks
  • 100 pad stitches
  • 300x Tech-Stabs

vocal rehearsals

(Video) Dave Parkinson Future Trance Essentials (Demo 2)

Vocal hits and loops can be the secret ingredient needed to spice up an otherwise nonexistent breakdown, not to mention add pizzazz to your build-ups and highlights. Used correctly, vocal loops can turn an average track into an epic one.

  • 50x Atmospheric Impacts from Vox
  • 100x Efecto Vox-Hits
  • 100x Female Vox Hits
  • 50 Future Vox Achievements
  • 100x Male Vox Achievements
  • 320x Vox Loops (split evenly between 125 to 140 BPM time steps)

lower loops

Dave was behind some of the most prolific bass lines and drops in trance history and this section of the sample pack really shows his ability to shape and compose bass sequences that really rock your lows, mids and highs. Each bassline loop is BPM encoded and labeled, with all MIDI files for each loop (including individual layers) included. Unlike Dave's first pack, each bass loop now has a corresponding synth loop to accompany it.

The bass loops are evenly spaced in time steps from 125 to 140 BPM.

  • 160 bass loops (160 WAV files + 225 MIDI files)
  • 50x Psy Bass Loops (50x WAV Archiv + 50 MIDI Archiv)

acid grinding

A cutting, bubbling acid sequence can really help spice up a build or drop section of your track. Dave is no stranger to producing some of the best acid lines in trance music and this folder covers everything from techno inspiration to 125 and 140 full pounding team style sequences.

  • 160 Acid Loops (including 161 associated MIDI files)


Caught for inspiration? Dive into Dave's synth loops to instantly unleash your creativity. The synth loops are evenly spaced in time intervals from 125 to 140 BPM, with each "loop" written specifically for that interval. The vast majority of these tunes are basically "Music Starters", with some really creative tunes on each one.

All synth loops come with corresponding MIDI files, so you can quickly cut and modify them to suit your own tracks.

  • 160 Synth-Loops
  • 314x Synth-Loop-MIDI-Dateien

kits (part 2)

Second, we have 10 complete and really usable construction kits, each containing the individual stems and associated MIDI files for each melodic element. Each construction kit has its own vibe, but intuitive file naming lets you swap out loops, samples, and MIDI quickly and easily, and experiment with thousands of possible combinations.

Each kit is labeled BPM for ease of use.

(Video) Dave Parkinson Trance Essentials (Demo 1)

Be sure to check out the two audio demos for a full look at what's included in the pack. All audio demos can be listened to via the audio player playlist button in the top right corner of this page.

Dave Parkinson Future Trance Sound Banks (Teil 3)

The third part of the sample pack are the two Dave Parkinson sound banks. A bank of 130 Sylenth1 and 125 Spire presets (one of Dave's favorite synths!).

These are patches exported directly from sample pack work and your own existing projects, giving you the real bread-and-butter sounds you use every day in the studio. All sounds are named and arranged in traditional Freshly Squeezed Samples style.

Sylenth1 preset library

  • 20 Acid-Presets
  • 20 Bass-Presets
  • 10 Effect Presets
  • 20 Lead-Presets
  • 20 Pad-Presets
  • 20 Bootstrap presets
  • 20 Psychobass

Spire preset library

  • 20 Acid-Presets
  • 20 Bass-Presets
  • 5 Effect Presets
  • 20 Lead-Presets
  • 20 Pad-Presets
  • 20 Bootstrap presets
  • 20 psychic bass presets

Apple Logic Pro X project files (Deluxe Edition only)

For the first time in a sample pack, we've included the logic layout files for the included synth loops, bass loops, and construction kits. Each project file is carefully named, categorized, grouped, and color-coded for ease of use.

Each template contains the complete arrangement with all MIDI data, synth presets, mixing/leveling, channel strips and automation. All mixing is (mostly) done natively, using only Logic Pro X FX's internal chains. Each channel is named, color coded, grouped and easily identifiable in the matrix view.

The templates are provided 100% royalty-free and can be used as a basis for your upcoming tracks or as an educational and inspirational tool. Explore the arrangement, find out how the drums, basslines, leads, plucks and special effects were created and put together, expand your library with synthesizer presets and discover special mixing and mastering techniques used by true professional producers become.


To keep Dave's sound as authentic as possible, we allow him to use typical third-party plugins that he would use in his own personal productions without feeling restricted.

The necessary plugins for the templates are:

(Video) How to Produce a Progressive House Song in Under An Hour (Eric Prydz Style)

  • Xfer Records LFOTool (latest version)
  • Unveil Sound Peak 1.0.20
  • Lennar Digital Sylenth1 (latest version)
  • Zebra U-He 2.7.2
  • ArtsAcoustic Reverberation
  • Dune CM (Available with Computer Music Magazine - only used on a small number of items in the pack)
  • Simpleton FabFilter
  • Logic Pro X (neueste Version)

No refund will be given to customers who do not meet this minimum requirement.

We also export all presets and name them after the corresponding MIDI file you are working on. This puts a huge arsenal of ready-to-use content at your fingertips.

Artistic influences

In creating this sample library, Dave was inspired and influenced by the following talented producers and artists.

Simon Patterson, Jordan Suckley, John Askew, Eddie Bitar, Greg Downey, Ben Nickey, Mark Eteson and many others.

Example library properties

  • 100% License Book.
  • It has produced a seasoned engineer with over 25 years of combined experience.
  • Over 8890 named samples sorted into clearly defined categories.
  • Over 800 named MIDI files
  • 10 complete construction kits, including all loops and MIDI files.
  • Drum loops broken down into hat, percussion, shaker and techno loops for added flexibility.
  • 255 combo synthesizer presets for Sylenth1 and Spire included.
  • All samples are rooted, volume normalized and labeled.
  • Tested samples of graphics and clubs, ready to use.
  • Road tested by the industry's top manufacturers.
  • MIDI files are included for all construction kit items, bass lines, solos and pad loops.
  • Technically 3 products in one: complete sample library, construction kit and sound banks.
  • In short, what a sample library should look like!

free empire

All samples, loops, presets and MIDI files in this product are 100% royalty free (including audio demo MIDI files), so you can use these sounds in your commercial releases after purchase without paying any hidden costs.

Please note that the Construction Kit Logic project files included with the Deluxe Edition cannot be used or published "as is" without apparent modifications. Please contact us if you need further assistance.

product compatibility

This product contains a combination of WAV files, MIDI files, construction kits (WAV and MIDI files combined) and synth presets (sound banks). All files are compatible with Image-Line Fruity Loops, Ableton Live, Apple Logic, Steinberg Cubase and any Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) that supports WAV and MIDI files.

Technical specification

Please note that this product is a very large download, but for your convenience we are offering the product as a single file download (you can download it by clicking the standard download button) and multiple ones as well Parts available under "Additional Files" " . " from the download page.

  • Availability: Instant download
  • Format(e): WAV, MID, FXB, PST
  • Type: sample library
  • Download size (standard edition): 15.58 GB
  • Uncompressed size (Standard Edition): 19.36 GB
  • Download Size (Deluxe Edition): 21.08 GB
  • Uncompressed Size (Deluxe Edition): 30.31 GB
  • Label: Freshly squeezed samples
  • Product Series: Artist Series

With this you have the best pack of high-quality, very popular and absolutely club-oriented samples!

Book a study session with Dave

To book studio time with Dave Parkinson at his Stellar Studio please contact[email protected]


Product images are for illustrative purposes only and no physical product will be shipped when an item is purchased. All products are supplied as digital downloadable files.

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