Top 10 Lap Saw Reviews | craftsman's journal (2023)

Jewelers are fascinated by the brilliance of precious and semi-precious stones everywhere. The way the stones are cut to bring out the different facets is as much an art as it is a science.

Pieces of stone are carefully cut with a special saw to produce slabs, which are then cut into smooth, dome-shaped gems. The main tool for turning these rough pieces into polished and refined stones is a circular saw.

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Many of us enjoy customizing our jewelry line for ourselves and others. In this case, you need the best lapidary saw to be able to create perfectly shaped stones to use in unique designs.

This post is intended to guide you in purchasing the correct lapping saw by carefully weighing the pros and cons of the different brands available on the market. Keep reading to know more!


better overall

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better overall

  • Weight:18.81 pounds
  • Dimensions:17" x 18" x 10"
  • Speed:800 U/min-3400 U/min
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Elige Premium

Top 10 Lap Saw Reviews | craftsman's journal (4)Top 10 Lap Saw Reviews | craftsman's journal (5)

Elige Premium

  • Weight:35 pounds
  • Dimensions:20" x 19" x 14"
  • Speed:1725 U/min
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best value

Top 10 Lap Saw Reviews | craftsman's journal (6)Top 10 Lap Saw Reviews | craftsman's journal (7)

best value

  • Weight:15.4 pounds
  • Dimensions:10,4" X 8,7" X 5,3"
  • Speed:0 a 10000 rpm
see price
Top 10 Lap Saw Reviews | craftsman's journal (8)Top 10 Lap Saw Reviews | craftsman's journal (9)
  • Weight:13.23 pounds
  • Dimensions:13,78" x 11,1" x 8,11"
  • Speed:0 a 26000rpm
see price
Top 10 Lap Saw Reviews | craftsman's journal (10)Top 10 Lap Saw Reviews | craftsman's journal (11)
  • Weight:17.69 pounds
  • Dimensions:18" x 14,5" x 7,75"
  • Speed:0-3600 U/min
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Beste Lapidary Saw: Unsere Top 10 Picks

1. 6″ Hi-Tech Diamond Lap Saw – Best Overall

Top 10 Lap Saw Reviews | craftsman's journal (12)Top 10 Lap Saw Reviews | craftsman's journal (13)

From cutting boards to finer jobs, this lapping saw should have you covered!

With two 6-inch diamond blades, this machine can cut pre-scored facets and cabochons with no problem.

The silver notched diamond blade is used to cut minerals and stones such as emerald, ruby, turquoise, garnet and aquamarine. The other blade is sintered red, which means you can use it to cut soft materials like topaz, glass, fine agates, and quartz.

The vise attachment makes aligning the material to the blade very easy and precise. The supplied splash guard offers protection when working with the saw.

This is the latest lap saw made with rust and impact resistant materials to ensure durability. It is portable and you can take it anywhere and store it anywhere as it does not take up much space.

It has variable speeds between 800 and 3,400 revolutions per minute or rpm and has ¼ horsepower.

You can choose the speed to your liking as long as you are aware of the density of the material being cut. With the ball bearing in the motor, you are guaranteed smooth operation.

The coolant tank at the base of the lap saw keeps the machine from getting hot and can hold a maximum of 16 ounces of water. To speed up the cleaning process, the saw table can be removed and placed in the coolant tank.

The desk measures 15.5 inches long and 9 inches wide, giving you plenty of room to work without feeling cramped.

Selected features:

  • Two 6-inch blades for cutting hard and soft materials.
  • Vise mount for perfect alignment and precision.
  • Variable speeds between 800 and 3,400 rpm.
  • 16 ounce capacity soda tank.
  • Saw table dimensions 15.5 inches long and 9 inches wide for clearance.

2. 10″ Hi-Tech Diamond Lap Saw – Premium Option

Top 10 Lap Saw Reviews | craftsman's journal (14)Top 10 Lap Saw Reviews | craftsman's journal (15)

For those who regularly cut large chunks of rock and stone, this hacksaw is sure to speed up your projects.

Lay down large chunks of minerals, glass and other materials and this machine will cut them into more manageable sizes. There are two 10" saw blades so you can use the correct one depending on the density of the material. This means you can cut heavier and more delicate stone with one machine.

The sintered red blade is designed to cut large pieces of fine agate, topaz, quartz, and glass. The second diamond blade is serrated and green for cutting slabs of minerals and stones such as geodes, agates, and jade.

The cross-linked polyethylene material this lapidary board saw is made of is shatterproof, corrosion resistant, and impact resistant, so you'll have this piece for a long time.

At the base of the machine is the coolant tank, which holds 32 ounces of water. Cleanup is a matter of minutes as the built-in drain plug makes this task less tedious!

The removable saw table is located in the coolant tank. At 19.75 inches long and 12 inches wide, you'll have plenty of room to tackle your cutting projects with ease.

The motor is 1/3 HP and offers a speed of 1725 rpm to make smooth cuts in very large stones with ease. No wonder it is considered by many to be the ultimate lapidary tile saw.

A vise attachment on the machine ensures precise cuts and also protects your hands from the blade.

Selected features:

  • Two 10-inch blades to cut all types of rock and mineral into slabs.
  • 32-ounce coolant tank capacity with a built-in drain plug for easy cleaning.
  • Polyethylene frame for durability.
  • Large work area with 19.75 x 12-inch saw table.
  • 1/3 hp motor with a speed of 1725 rpm.

3. Mini Table Saws for Jewelers – Best Value for Money

Top 10 Lap Saw Reviews | craftsman's journal (16)Top 10 Lap Saw Reviews | craftsman's journal (17)

An amazing little machine that not only cuts stone but can also descale, grind, polish, drill and engrave!

Complete your dream kit with this jeweler's saw to take your hobby to new heights. DIY projects couldn't be easier with this tool as its 110cm shaft is flexible and you can adjust the angle with the ruler for highly accurate measurements.

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It runs at 100 volts with a 350 hp motor. A wide range of motor speeds from 0 to 10,000 rpm make this tool versatile as you can adjust the speed to suit the material being cut and your preferences.

A blade guard makes the polishing process more comfortable as stones can't get into your eyes and dust can't get into your lungs. In addition, the polisher prevents annoying noises and ensures a smooth finish.

The two buffing wheels each measure 4.25 inches and allow for wheels up to 6 inches in diameter. Equipped with two blades, this lap saw can easily cut objects up to 30 millimeters thick.

Don't worry about changing polishing pads as threaded mandrels are included to make changing these pads easy.

The polisher comes with two polishing discs that allow you to use two types of sandpaper at the same time, increasing your overall efficiency and saving time.

With this multi-purpose machine, you can not only cut, grind, engrave and polish gemstones at home or at work, but also paper, plastic, aluminum, jade, wood, etc.

Selected features:

  • All-in-one lap saw for cutting, engraving, grinding and polishing.
  • 350 horsepower engine with a speed range between 0 and 10,000 rpm.
  • Accurate measurements with adjustable axis and ruler.
  • Blade guard to protect against noise, dust and small parts.
  • Two blades and two buffing wheels for efficiency.

4. Mophorn Multi-function Gemstone Saw

Top 10 Lap Saw Reviews | craftsman's journal (18)Top 10 Lap Saw Reviews | craftsman's journal (19)

You can do many kinds of DIY projects with this product because you can use a variety of materials for jewelry making and woodworking as well.

With a power of 350 watts and a cutting depth of 26 to 29 millimeters or 1.02 to 1.14 inches, it is a true multifunctional tool. The cutting width capacity is 100 millimeters or 3.94 inches.

The most impressive features include a speed range of 0 to 10,000 rpm, a saw blade opening of 16/20 millimeters or 0.63/0.79 inches. It also offers a clamping range of between 0.3 and 4 millimeters or 0.01 to 0.16 inches.

The small size and light weight of the jeweler's saw make it easy to transport and especially convenient for hobbyists and DIY enthusiasts to take with them wherever they go.

With an alloy saw blade, you are guaranteed durability and precision when making straight cuts as long as it is placed on a flat surface. Choose from a variety of materials to work with: bodhi, amber, wood, beeswax, nephrite, and many others.

There are three options for the push foot angle: 90 degrees, 45 degrees in, and 45 degrees out.

With the stand and ruler on the cutting table, you can ensure accurate measurements and cuts. There are four rubber pads on the base at each corner to ensure a safe and non-slip experience. These pads also act as shock absorbers.

Since the device has a waterproof system, it prevents splashes and consequent damage during work and prolongs the life of the tool.

Please note that the blade length is not adjustable and is not suitable for cutting long objects.

Selected features:

  • Depth of cut of 26-29 mm and width of cut of 100 mm.
  • Small and light for easy transport.
  • Support and ruler to measure and cut with precision.
  • Bottom rubber pads for a non-slip and secure experience.
  • Speed ​​range from 0 to 10,000 rpm.

5. SKIL 7-Inch Tile Saw – Best tile saw for cutting stone

Top 10 Lap Saw Reviews | craftsman's journal (20)Top 10 Lap Saw Reviews | craftsman's journal (21)

Knowhow to cut stoneswith a tile saw? Yes, this is a wet tile saw. As a diamond cutter, you can easily use this saw with a perfect diamond blade. This saw is perfect for cutting flat materials such as small stones or granite slabs.

Even if you want to replace the tiles in your house yourself, this handy saw is the perfect solution for you!

This 7-inch wet tile saw will serve you for years and multiple purposes, having a rust and corrosion resistant stainless steel table to work with. You can easily cut 12" x 12" tile with this machine.

For precise tile cutting, there's a squareness indicator that works in conjunction with an adjustable cutting guide to ensure you get straight cuts every time.

If you want to do more complex projects that require beveling, this tool will help you as you can choose from 0 to 45 degree bevel. You can also use it when you have to deal with final tiles that need a slight bevel to fit well.

In addition to beveling, the machine can also crosscut 7.25" diagonal and 7.75". The blade diameter is 7 inches for smooth, fast cuts.

The motor has 120 volts and 4.4 amps and offers a speed of up to 3600 rpm.

Because it is a wet saw, there is a water reservoir that keeps the blade continually lubricated. It also helps keep the blade cool and prevents dust from getting into your eyes or lungs. Plus, the minimal mess means you have less cleanup to do at the end of the job.

Many users praised this product for allowing them to complete large projects without hassle and helping them save money. Due to its size, it can be easily stored anywhere after use.

Selected features:

  • 7 inch wet tile saw for home projects.
  • Adjustable miter fence and rip fence for precision.
  • 7-inch diameter blade for smooth, fast cuts.
  • Water tank for constant lubrication.
  • 25" diagonal cuts and 7.75" cross cuts.

Check the price on Amazon

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6. ETE ETMATE Improved Jewelry Polishing Machine

Top 10 Lap Saw Reviews | craftsman's journal (22)Top 10 Lap Saw Reviews | craftsman's journal (23)

Never let scope limit you, whether you're a jewelry hobbyist or professional. With this tool you can perform all lapping processes, from cutting to polishing!

You can easily work on the mini workbench in any situation: at home, in the workshop or at work. It can cut, grind, engrave, and polish any project involving wood, jade, plastic, precious metals, paper, aluminum, and more. With a larger workspace, completing these tasks has never been easier.

For precise material feeding, a ruler helps you set the angle, while a flexible, detachable 110 cm shaft guides material correctly for straight cuts.

Powered by a 350 hp 110 volt motor, this circular saw allows you to use two types of grain at the same time. Increase your productivity with the two buffing wheels, each 4.25 inches. The machine can accommodate wheels up to 6 inches in diameter.

With the threaded mandrels, you can easily replace the polishing discs if necessary. You can be assured of a smooth finish and quiet operation because the blade guard not only keeps noise levels down, it also protects your eyes and lungs from small pieces of stone and rock.

Equipped with two blades, it can cut materials with a maximum thickness of 30 millimeters. With a speed range of 0 to 10,000rpm, you can cut depending on your preferred speed and the thickness of material you want to make your parts from.

Selected features:

  • Two 4.25" buffing wheels to increase productivity.
  • Detachable 110 cm ruler and rod for accurate feeding and measuring.
  • 350 hp engine with a speed range of 0 to 10,000 rpm.
  • The guard knife protects against noise and fine dust particles.
  • Cut materials up to 30 mm thick.

7. Inland Craft Table Saw Machine with Saw Blade

Top 10 Lap Saw Reviews | craftsman's journal (24)Top 10 Lap Saw Reviews | craftsman's journal (25)

This tool not only cuts preformed shapes from large boulders, rocks and minerals, but also allows you to carve curves into any designs you desire.

You can use it to cut a variety of materials: living coral, tile, porcelain, glass, semi-precious stones, ceramic, leather, fiberglass, stone, marble, silicone, granite, fiber, plastic, and shell.

This is an ideal tool for hobbyists and DIY enthusiasts as its lightweight and compact design makes it easy to transport. The machine's rust-resistant, thermoplastic body also makes it durable.

a 1/6ºhorsepower, this lapidary saw is powered by a 115-volt motor and offers a speed range of 800 to 3400 rpm, so now you can cut through all types of materials to suit your density and comfort level.

Cuts rock and minerals up to 3" thick, 3" diameter glass bottles, and 1" diameter solid glass.

Since this is a wet saw, it is constantly supplied with clean water to keep the saw blade cool and well lubricated. In addition, water lubrication prevents small flying parts from entering the nose and eyes and protects them.

The machine has appropriate channels to drain dirty water during sawing, preventing it from reaching the blade and causing contamination. The measurement of the blade is 37.7 inches or 96 centimeters and it is made of stainless steel to prevent rust and make it durable.

The bench measures 12" x 9" giving you plenty of room to breathe and work to your heart's content.

Selected features:

  • Wet saw for cutting shapes and curves in a variety of materials.
  • Robust stainless steel blade with a length of 37.7 inches or 96 centimeters.
  • Spacious workbench for comfortable work - 12" x 9".
  • 1/6 hp, 115 volt motor, speed range 800 to 3400 rpm.
  • Integrated channel to drain dirty water and keep the blade lubricated.

8. Genmine Mini Table Saw with Grinding Vise

Top 10 Lap Saw Reviews | craftsman's journal (26)Top 10 Lap Saw Reviews | craftsman's journal (27)

Who would have thought that such a small lapping machine could bring so many benefits!

At just 27 cm long, 16 cm wide and 14 cm high, this compact tool can be taken anywhere and its small size makes it easy to store.

The frame of this product is a powder coated metal construction which not only makes it look good but also makes it durable and strong.

You can mount it to your workbench with the included mounting screws and make your workspace as comfortable as possible. A hex tool is also included.

With power button and indicator, it is convenient to know what is on and what is off. You can not only cut materials like rocks and minerals, you can also crush them. There are two separate settings for cutting and grinding operations.

Two grinding wheels can polish your stone pieces to shine like diamonds! These idler wheels are medium in size and will do for most small projects.

The 350-watt power motor runs on either 220 or 110 volts. With a speed range of 0 to 26,000 rpm, you can adjust the cutting speed for your comfort and the density of the material under the blade.

A carbon brush change button makes it easy to change brushes. The package includes an extra set of motor brushes.

With its quiet operation, this saw creates a quiet working environment. Dual spindles have tapered spindles for more precise feeding and cutting.

Selected features:

  • Compact and lightweight design for easy portability.
  • Powder-coated metal body for durability.
  • Separate sections for cutting and grinding.
  • Two medium size grinding wheels.
  • 350 hp engine with a speed range of 0 to 26,000 rpm.

9. MK Diamond 7-Inch Wet Table Saw

Top 10 Lap Saw Reviews | craftsman's journal (28)Top 10 Lap Saw Reviews | craftsman's journal (29)

For those who enjoy doing DIY projects, this tile saw is a great tool for renovating or replacing flooring and jobs.

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It is a small tool, but with tremendous power. At just 7 inches long, it's a wet tile saw that fits easily on a countertop, creating a cozy and comfortable countertop in minutes.

o 1/3thirdThe power motor has high torque and power to help you with the toughest tiling jobs. The speed it offers is 5,500 rpm, enough to carry out your project efficiently. Weighing only 15 pounds, you can easily carry it around without feeling any pressure.

Hassle-free, the machine is easy to set up and wastes no time. The 7" diamond blade can easily cut pieces that are 12" long and 2" thick.

The water tank is removable to facilitate the cleaning process. consists of onethermoplasticized materialto withstand high impact and resist rust and corrosion. This means that no unpleasant crusts form and a long shelf life is guaranteed.

With the submersible water pump, the blade is continuously lubricated during the cutting process so that the smallest dust particles do not get into your eyes or lungs.

For your added safety, the machine is equipped with a Safeswitch lockout and cannot be operated until the switch is unlocked.

The adjustable cutting guide ensures you get perfectly measured long and straight cuts every time.

Selected features:

  • 7-Inch DIY Wet Tile Saw.
  • High torque and motor power of 1/3 HP and a speed of 5,500 rpm.
  • Water tank made of stainless and impact resistant thermoplastic.
  • Water pump for permanent lubrication.
  • 7" diamond blade for 12" long cuts in 2" thick material.

10. Mini table saw for lapidary stone Dzhot51

Top 10 Lap Saw Reviews | craftsman's journal (30)Top 10 Lap Saw Reviews | craftsman's journal (31)

Want a mini table saw but not interested in a high-maintenance one? Well here's good news for you because this little machine is virtually maintenance free.

The motor housing is dust resistant and the polisher has pre-lubricated ball bearings so that dust particles do not come into contact with the eyes or nose. The result is minimal maintenance!

You can cut, grind, engrave, and polish with this one unit, which requires 110 volts to operate. Precise material feeding is easy with dual-shaft drives with tapered shafts.

With a speed range of 0 to 10,000 rpm, choose the speed that works for the material and for you.

Plus, the machine runs quietly, so you can focus on your work without distraction. Medium size polishing wheels are abrasive and give your stones an excellent shine. You can polish pads up to 4 inches.

This product can be mounted on a bench with the supplied hex tool and mounting screws. Its longevity is guaranteed by its corrosion-resistant powder-coated metal frame.

The package comes with a host of accessories that will help you get most jobs done without having to look elsewhere for parts. In addition to the grinding wheel and fiber wheel, you will also find a wood cutting wheel, jade cutting wheel, mandrel and chuck keys, spanners, allen keys, spindles, screws and an extra motor brush.

A sink is included to allow cutting and polishing dust particles to collect for easy disposal.

Selected features:

  • Low maintenance thanks to pre-lubricated ball bearings and dust-proof motor housing.
  • 110 volt range, 0 to 10,000 rpm to cut most materials.
  • Medium spider wheels for cushions up to 4 inches.
  • Accessories are included for most types of lapping projects.
  • Powder-coated metal construction for durability.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Lap Saw

A lapidary saw requires a certain investment and therefore you should take into account the following points before making a purchase decision.

height and weight

If you want to cut large rocks, you will need a larger lap saw. The general rule of thumb is to determine in advance the largest rock to be cut and choose a saw with a blade three times the size of the rock or stone.

The size you choose also depends on whether you need to move the blade often. Where you keep your lap saw also determines what size and weight you should choose. The weight should be enough if you want to keep it on a flat surface. You have more leeway if you plan to hold it up on an easel.

The storage space you have allocated for the saw when not in use will also help you determine the right size saw for you. In addition, the size of your bench also indicates the correct size of the lapidary saw.

sheet thickness

The blade of a chop saw is thinner than that of a tile-cutting saw. For larger projects, you will need a thicker blade. When cutting small stones, a thin blade helps you work efficiently without wasting part of the stone by cutting unnecessarily.

engine speed

The motor speed of a lapidary saw is measured in rpm, or revolutions per minute. Choosing a high-speed motor is not always the right decision. A slower engine speed can maintain correct torque and give you more control.

Also, large, coarse-density rocks require a slow speed saw to control how much it can cut.


The material of the lapidary saw determines its durability. It is advisable to choose one with a stainless steel body that resists rust and corrosion. Powder-coated metal bodies are also durable.

How to use a lapidary saw?

Top 10 Lap Saw Reviews | craftsman's journal (32)

The first thing to remember is that a dry saw does not require water or oil. Therefore, some work steps may differ depending on the type of saw. But in general, below are the steps to take when using a circular saw.

1. Determination of the shape

You must decide if you want an oval, square, round or any other shape of the stone. Draw on the stone with a pencil according to the shape you want.

2. Lubrication (or not) and alignment

If you are not using a dry saw, use water or oil to lubricate the saw blade.

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Now make sure the stone is directly in line with the blade. Oblique orientation will damage the blade when it is bent. Check the feed mechanism for perfect alignment. It should be parallel to the blade.

You can use the vise attachment on the lap saw to achieve perfect alignment.

3. Feed the stone

If you are using a hacksaw, you will need to manually feed the stone. Make sure you are upright and your main eye is in line with the blade to avoid wrinkling.

4. Turn on and set the speed

After setting the alignment correctly and feeding the stone, turn the saw on and adjust the speed. According toSteindicht, adjust the speed. A lower speed is good for thicker stones.

5. Cut

Hold the stone against the workbench and slide it forward. By pushing the stone through the blade, you can cut the stone according to the desired shape. Make sure the cuts are straight and short.

Maintenance tips for lapidary saws

To keep your saw back in top condition, follow the maintenance tips below.

  • Lubricate your sheet metal saws with saw oil and your finishing saws with a rust inhibitor.
  • To rejuvenate old leaves, grind them down to a normal stone to remove any accumulated dirt.
  • Occasionally clean the saw hopper by tilting the saw and pouring the lubricant into a large can. Then manually clean off the layer of slime that has settled on the bottom with a scraper or putty knife. Don't forget to wear gloves during the process.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Top 10 Lap Saw Reviews | craftsman's journal (33)

1. What is the difference between a panel saw and a trim saw?

Respondedor:A finishing saw is used to make more measured and careful cuts in the stone into the desired cabochon or cabochon shape. These saws have very thin blades that allow you to more accurately cut around the marked shape without creating waste.

On the other hand, the best lapidary saw for cutting rocks and large stones would be a panel saw. These have thicker blades to cut the large pieces into 1/8 slabs.ºup to 1/4ºCustoms Service.

Saw blades for finishing saws are 4 to 6 inches in diameter and 0.004 to 0.12 inches thick. For panel saws, the blade diameter ranges from 6 to 36 inches with a thickness of around 0.025 inches.

2. What is a cabochon?

Respondedor:Cabochon, or cab for short, refers to smooth, dome-shaped gemstones used in rings,bracelet, necklaces and other jewelry.

3. Besides jewelry, what else can you make with a lapidary saw?

Respondedor:In addition to making fine jewelry with the lapidary, you can also use the machine to cut large pieces of stone to make mugs and coasters, coasters for coffee or dining tables, marble tiles, and many other creative projects that need your unique touch.

4. Why do I need a lap saw when I can use my hands?

Respondedor:A lapidary saw will give you more precision when cutting rocks and stones than you would with your bare hands. With a lapidary saw, all hard materials can be cut except semi-precious and precious stones such as horns, bones, etc.

Because the lap saw has diamond tips and coated plates, it can achieve long straight cuts and intricately patterned cuts.

5. Should safety precautions be taken when using a lap saw?

Respondedor:Yes, you must wear glasses and a mask to prevent small stone particles from getting into your eyes. Breathe these particlescan cause harmto the lungs, so the use of a mask is recommended.

It is also recommended that you work with a saw in a well-ventilated area, in a location where toxic fumes do not present a health hazard. Additionally, maintenance of lapidary saws involves the use of lubricants such as water-soluble oils.

last word

A lapidary saw is an essential tool for anyone who enjoys creating unique jewelry. Only with this machine can you accurately cut large pieces of semi-precious stones and rocks without depreciating their value or creating waste.

Depending on whether you are cutting plates or making fine jewelry, you should of course choose a fine lapping saw or a plate lapping saw.

In either case, the best lapidary saw will allow you to cut pieces from small to large with precision and easily bring out the facets of the stone.

Whether you are thinking of entering the jewelry profession or simply as a hobby, this post will help you make the right investment decision.

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What saw causes the most injuries? ›

Compared to other home power tools (including nail guns, chain saws, and circular saws), table saws are the most dangerous home power tool and can deliver catastrophic injuries. Table saw accidents account for somewhere in the neighborhood of 67,000 recorded injuries every year.

Are Japanese saws better than Western saws? ›

While there are many differences between the two styles of saws, there is no right answer is to which one is better. What makes a saw the correct one is if it's suited for the needs of the project. That's why many experienced woodworkers keep both types in their shops.

Is more teeth on a circular saw better? ›

Number of Teeth

Generally, blades with more teeth will provide a smoother, finer cut whereas blades with fewer teeth will provide a rougher cut. The benefit of fewer teeth is faster cutting and a lower price. For most construction work, a 24-tooth general use blade is sufficient.

Is the Craftsman radial arm saw recall still active? ›

The upgrade kits are amazing. If you have an older craftsman/sears radial arm saw, visit this website for either $100 or an awesome upgrade kit including tables, fence and a really nice and safe blade guard.

Where is the model number on Craftsman radial arm saw? ›

The Model Number will be found on a plate attached to your saw, at the left side of the base. Always mention the Model Number in all correspondence regarding the CRAFTSMAN RADIAL SAW or when ordering repair parts.

Why is it called a radial arm saw? ›

Originally invented in the early 1920s by Raymond DeWalt, a radial arm saw is a woodworking machine that's designed to cut and shape wooden workpieces. It features a circular saw blade that's mounted radially on a stable platform.

Where is the serial number on a Craftsman radial arm saw? ›

Model and serial numbers may be found on the handle. You should record both model and serial number in a safe place for future use. Sold by SEARS, ROEBUCK AND CO., Chicago, IL 60684 U.S.A.

Are radial arm saws worth it? ›

In terms of versatility, a radial arm saw wins hands down. The versatility and the number of cuts that a solid RAS can make far surpass the amount that a miter saw can make. They can also cut a wider piece of stock compared to regular miter saws.

What are the most common injuries from a circular saw? ›

Fingers and hands are the most frequently injured body part and lacerations are the most common injury.

How deep can a 10 inch radial arm saw cut? ›

The size of the blade determines the possible cutting-depth of the saw. A 10-inch saw blade cuts to a 3-inch depth. Most quality saws today have automatic blade brakes to slow and then quickly stop the saw once the motor has been turned off. The primary use for radial arm saws is crosscutting.

How deep can a radial arm saw cut? ›

Like many table saws, most radial-arm saws use ten-inch blades. Typically, they cut stock up to three inches thick and will crosscut pieces more than a foot wide.

Who makes Craftsman t2200? ›

Craftsman 917.20381 T2200
Distributor:Craftsman (a part of Sears)
Type:Lawn tractor
Original price:$1750 (2014 )
Aug 22, 2019

Why is it called a Japanese saw? ›

The Japanese means "attached trunk", thus a saw with a stiffening strip attached, i.e., a backsaw. Although similar to a Western backsaw, a Dozuki saw has a much thinner blade that excels at precise cutting.

Are radial arm saws obsolete? ›

Truth be told, they aren't obsolete as of now, but it's pretty clear that they're less popular than they used to be. Circular saw, Miter saw or even Table saws are more preferred by customers, and for the right reasons.

How much does a Craftsman radial arm saw weigh? ›

Approx. Shipping Weight: 250 Lbs.

What is the yoke on a radial arm saw? ›

yoke: A clamp or vise that holds a machine part in place or controls its movement or that holds two such parts together. A radial arm saw is mounted on the yoke, which is attached to a rotat- ing carriage assembly.

What can a radial arm saw do? ›

Radial-arm saws are circular saws that are normally used to cut against the grain of wood (crosscut) but can also cut with the grain (rip). For crosscutting, the operator pushes the wood against a fence and pulls the saw into the cut.


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